Friday, January 30, 2015

Valentine's Day Cupcake Toppers and Wraps--Show Some Love in a Sweet Way!

 Valentines Day is arriving soon and you want to do something special but don't have a lot of time. That's where we come in.  Let us do all the work, let us gather everything you need for these Valentine cupcake toppers and wraps. All you do is assemble. Top your homemade cupcakes or your favorite store bought cupcakes. Everything is included in the kit, including the lollipop sticks.   People will think you went all out but you don't have to tell them how simple it was!

Valentine's day dessert
Valentine's Day party treat
Classroom Treat
Teacher Appreciation or
even for principal and office staff 

 These Valentine cupcake toppers and wraps are available in our Etsy shop. They come as a kit which makes it super simple for you.  The wraps are a red with white polkadot paper. The scalloped white circle is inked on the edge with a red ink. You can put them together quickly. What a fun way to show the love on this special day.

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24 Valentine Lunchbox Notes plus 18 Everyday Notes-Just for the Kids

Our Valentine Lunchbox Notes are available again. We'd love to share all 24 Valentine notes and all 18 everyday lunchbox notes with you.  Just download the file and print on white cardstock. We'd love for you to tell your friends about us and Valentine's Day Lunchbox notes. We have a lot of fun Valentine things to share so be sure to drop by our ETSY SHOP to see all 20 Valentine printables and kits.

If you've never left a note if your children's lunchbox, you're in for a nice surprise. They will absolutely love getting a note from you. You can write a special note on the back too. It's like getting a hug from home.

All this PLUS 18 Everyday Lunchbox notes are available in this free printable download.  You can use them as GIFT TAGS TOO

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*please note, these lunchbox notes are for personal use only, 
not for resale or to be used commercially*

Saturday, January 24, 2015

"Because of you, I'm a Smartie Valentine's Day Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

"Because of you, I'm a real Smartie"  is a fun sentiment for a tag for a Valentine Teacher Appreciation gift.  You can put them on anything..... a jar of Smarties, a box of Smarties, a cellophane bag filled with Smarties.....or on cupcakes or even a box of chocolates.....anything you can imagine.  

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 You could also use these tags as cupcake toppers since there are three different sizes.  Give teacher some of your yummy cupcakes with a cute cupcake topper.

The tags come in three sizes:  3" rounds, 2.5" rounds and 2" rounds. 
We used the following paper punch sizes on the tags:

 3.5" scalloped paper punch on the 3" tag
3" round punch on the 2.5" tags 
2 ¼" punch on the 2" tags. 

You can also punch them out using a 3", a 2.5" and a 2" paper punch. There just wouldn't be a white border around each tag if you do. 
  Here's a small cellophane bag filled with three Smarties and tag attached. You could put this on your gift for teacher too.

Smarties can be found at most grocery stores and candy stores in large bags this time of year.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

18 Valentine Desserts for Two, for Sweethearts, Family & Friends-Chocolate Goodness!

Valentine Day means lots of things to people....and fabulous desserts are definitely a part of the holiday.  Something sweet and decadent for the family, friends and most importantly, you're sweetheart.  We've gathered together some recipes that look so amazing but aren't over the top in preparation. Just click on the link below each photo to go to the original site and get the recipe and instructions.

 Let us know down below in the comments which one you'd
 like  to make this Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Valentine's Day Treat-Cupid's Arrow - Fun for a Classroom Treat-Super Simple!

Been racking your brain for a unique gift for the kid's to take to school on Valentine's Day?  Well, here's your answer! It's a Cupid's Arrow that can be made out of a candy stick or a pencil.....Sugar-Free arrow or Candy Arrow--You decide. The pencils and candy sticks are so inexpensive that you won't mind including two for every child. I think this would be a treat that the kids would be excited to take to school. 

The Dollar Store is a great source for Valentine themed pencils. I think there is 12 pencils in a package for $1.00 They may have the candy sticks too.

If you aren't crafty don't worry, they are so simple to put together, even the kids could help and you'll be so pleased with the end product! 

CLICK HERE  to get more details

 Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Valentine's Day Heart Treat Boxes-Classroom Treat, Teacher Appreciation, Party Favor

  We wanted to design something for the kids to take to school on Valentine's Day for their classmates. This heart box is just the right size for a Little Debbie cake, some fun size candy bars, a bag of Hershey Kisses, Nuggets  or any of the smaller treats.  The hearts measure 4" tall and 3.5" at the widest part of the heart. I think the kids will really love taking these to their friends at school.

This is a kit that you assemble. So simple! The heart box comes already cut out, complete with score lines so you can bend the flaps and glue. Before you glue the box thread the ribbon through the silver metal eyelets on both side of the box. Then glue the box. The arrow and circle are glued to the box next. That's all there is to it-Super Simple.

The box will already come with an eyelet on each side of the upper part of the heart to make a strong point to thread the ribbon through. (box won't tear when held by the ribbon handle)

Just put your favorite treat inside and you're done. Such a cute and treat for family, friends and classmates on Valentine's Day.

Valentines party favor
Teacher Appreciation
Treat for family and friends
Treat from Teacher
Classroom treat for kids to take on Valentine's Day
Baby Shower party favor (if during the month of February
Sweetheart treat

We put these Little Debbie snacks inside the heart boxes. The red iced brownie comes in individual packages. The white heart cake and the chocolate heart cake come 2 to a package. I took them out of the package and wrapped them individually in plastic wrap.  You could put lots of other treats inside the heart box

Little Debbie snacks
Hershey Kisses
Hershey Nuggets
M&M's in bag or fun size pkg
Conversation Hearts
Red hot hearts
Cinnamon bears
Miniature Kit Kats
Miniature Peppermint Patties
and so many other treats!

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Valentine's Day Treat Kit